Adventures in Chautauqua Park

After another week of training, a group of Corps Members and Team Leaders took a trip to Chautauqua Park in Boulder for a hike up one of the Flatirons. The long hike, the sweat, the breathlessness and the tired legs were certainly worth the view at the top. The particular trail that we took ended at a natural rock arch and gave a beautiful view of the surrounding area. The difference between the mountains of Colorado and the hills of Connecticut is huge.  At home, the hikes aren’t climbing up the literal side of a mountain; they’re more like walking up a hill.  Besides the difficulty of the hike, the dry air, and the change in altitude, the hikes in Colorado end in better views than anything in Connecticut.  We could see for miles and miles because the land is flat up until the foothills of the Rockies, and edging out onto a rock allowed a view of one of the other Flatirons, which was absolutely breathtaking.  Of course, I also had to make friends with at least one tiny chipmunk before leaving.


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