Induction and Deployment

After three weeks of training, Class 22 of the AmeriCorps NCCC Southwest Region was inducted and subsequently deployed from Denver, Colorado.  My team, Alpine 6, is currently in Taos, New Mexico.  We will stay here until the middle of  December, at which time we will head back to Denver for a few transition days and then a winter recess.  Between then and now Alpine 6 will be serving a veteran organization called Not Forgotten Outreach (NFO).  The organization works to give veterans a safe, peaceful environment in which to relax and interact with other veterans.  NFO recently bought a 5100 square foot house that they plan to make into a fully functional respite center where veterans, their families, and surviving family members can stay for up to one week free of charge.  Right now, the respite center is in severe disrepair, and needs a lot of renovating, which is what we will be doing.  After being in Taos for just a week, we’ve already collectively put in 505 hours of work.  I can’t wait to continue our work here and get to know this part of New Mexico!


One thought on “Induction and Deployment

  1. Loved reading your blog. It looks like a beautiful place!! Continue with the wonderful work that your team is doing to prepare the house for a comfortable respite center!! Love, Grandpa
    Haley, what wonderful work you and your team are doing at the future respite center! Can’t wait to hear all about your experiences when we see you at Christmas!! Love, Grandma


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