End of Round One: Taos, New Mexico

Alpine Six’s first round project flew by!  I’ve been so busy working and spending time with my teammates that I haven’t updated my blog recently. The team left Taos with most of our goals met, and a lot of wonderful memories and experiences.  We nearly completed the insulation and waterproofing of the respite center’s roof, leaving only a few finishing touches undone due to snow.  The team finished all of the digging that needed to be done in the back of the house in order to pour concrete for the kitchen extension foundation.  Along with the roof and the foundation, we also built a hay barn, insulated a pig sty, and sanded furniture and the ceilings of the house.

Not only did we work at Not Forgotten Outreach, but we also worked with various other organizations in that area, including the town of Taos, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Stray Hearts Animal Shelter, and the University of New Mexico-Taos agricultural extension.  It wasn’t ALL hard work while in Taos; we certainly took advantage of many opportunities given to us.   We had Thanksgiving dinner at both the mayor of Taos’s house and in Albuquerque with two other Alpine teams, US Senator Heinrich of New Mexico visited the worksite, and we went skiing at Sipapu Ski Resort.  We also toured the historic Taos Pueblo, visited the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge at sunrise, and explored Taos Plaza.  Thank you to everyone in Taos and at NFO for a great first round experience!  That part of New Mexico will always have a little part of my heart, and I will certainly miss the daily beauty of Taos Mountain!


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