Round Two Introduction

This morning my team and I left Denver, Colorado; right now, we’re in a hotel off of I-70 in Newton, Kansas, and tomorrow, we’ll finish our journey to Little Rock, Arkansas.  There we will work for twelve weeks at Wildwood Park for the Arts (, completing a variety of different projects.  We will be trail building, doing some controlled burns of small areas, beautifying the grounds, helping in the preparation and execution of an annual lantern festival in February, building bird and bat houses, and working with kids at a nearby school.  Wildwood Park of the Arts started off as an opera house, then expanded to focus on both the general arts and the outdoors.  Because Arkansas ranks among the lowest in the country for yearly household income, Wildwood aims to help families and children experience the arts for very little to no cost.  The grounds are open free of charge for daily use, and entrance to events held there are inexpensive.  Alpine Six can’t wait to start working with this amazing organization and exploring Little Rock!


2 thoughts on “Round Two Introduction

  1. Honey…your round 2 in Little Rock at the Wildwood Park for the Arts sounds both interesting and exciting!! I’m sure at the end of the 12 weeks you and your team will have beautified the park for the residents to continue to enjoy!! Enjoy this wonderful experience!! Love, Grandma


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