Week One!

Alpine Six had a great first week in Little Rock!  We’ve been doing a lot of clean up in the park.  Some of the gardens and stream beds have been raked, the fences along the perimeter of the 105 acre property have been cleared of vines and some small fallen trees, and furniture and stage props have been moved into new storage.   The team also visited two different local elementary schools as part of Wildwood’s program for arts education.  Because Corps Members have to do Independent Service Projects (ISPs) during some of our free time, the team went to the Pulaski County Humane Society to help out with some cleaning and organizing that they needed done.  At the end, we got to play with some of the puppies and the cats.  As well as working, we’ve been exploring downtown Little Rock.  I’m looking forward to continue working and living in this beautiful park and experiencing all that this city has to offer!


9 thoughts on “Week One!

  1. What a beautiful park!! The area looks just beautiful as does downtown Little Rock!! Again….what an experience you are having!! You and the puppy look very comfortable and happy!! Enjoy every minute as I know you will!! Love reading about your projects. Love and miss you!!! XO


  2. We miss you and hope that you and all the team have a great and positive impact on your project by what you do and who you are. We love your updates and look forward to seeing and hearing more about this fabulous experience. Love, Gramps and Grammy


  3. Hello Haley! We think of you every day and love getting your pictures and reading about what you are doing and how things are going! I have no doubt the valuable work you and your team has done and continue to do will and is already being appreciated.

    Love, Gramps and Grammy


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