The LANTERNS! Festival

It’s been busy here at Wildwood Park for the Arts!  Alpine Six helped to prepare, run, and then clean up their annual LANTERNS! Festival.  The night time festival is based on traditional Chinese festivities that are held on the first full moon of the lunar year.  Wildwood’s festival includes cultural vistas and thousands of luminaries that are lit along the paths in the park’s arboretum and on the lakeside.  This year, guests enjoyed Hawaii, Brazil, Greece, China, the UK, Australia, and the Moon.  Each vista has culturally specific food, games, drinks, and entertainment.  Both Wildwood’s staff and my team were overjoyed with the turnout- about 8,000 people attended the event, making it a record breaking year.  Because this is the park’s biggest fundraiser, the success of the LANTERNS! Festival is vital to the year to come.  All of the (VERY) long days put during the festival were worth it, knowing that we could help the park raise money for future endeavors.


2 thoughts on “The LANTERNS! Festival

  1. W-O-W!!!!! What a great turnout!!! So festive with all the lights! I LOVE the volcano that you and your team constructed!! You have had great exposure to so many wonderful projects during your time in AmeriCorps! Another month and on you move to another exciting experience! Enjoy this next month in Little Rock!! Love and miss you bunches…XOXO


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