Hot Springs


This past weekend, my wonderful mother came to visit!  On the last day of her visit, we took a short trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas.  The little town is a must-see when in Arkansas, so I was excited to visit!  If it wasn’t apparent by the name, Hot Springs is just that- a town full of hot springs.  The springs are a national park, and are protected by the federal government.  The park has hiking trails and an old bathhouse open as a museum and visitor center.  In the early 1900’s, there was a booming bathhouse industry that used the 140 Fahrenheit degree water from the springs to cure various ailments and give visitors a place to relax.  Those bath houses still stand in ‘Bathhouse Row.’  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed sightseeing and a hike!



3 thoughts on “Hot Springs

  1. Haley…what great pictures!! Your wonderful mom said that she had a great weekend with her wonderful daughter!!!! What a beautiful day you had to tour Hot Springs. You will have seen so many exciting places when you complete your AmeriCorps projects!! Soon you’ll be off to Texas and begin your last project!! Good luck there! Love you bunches…XOXO

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