Walkin’ in Memphis

On Easter Sunday, Maddy and I took a little day trip to Memphis, Tennessee!  Memphis is only about a two and a half hour bus ride from Little Rock, so we figured that we should take the opportunity to visit!  We took a tour of the downtown Memphis area, Beale Street, and of course, Graceland.  We saw the Mississippi River, the famous pyramid, the Peabody Hotel and their ducks, Sun Studio, St. Jude’s Hospital, the Civil Rights Museum, and the Lorraine Motel.  Maddy ate some barbecue at a restaurant on Beale Street (the barbecue capital doesn’t have many options for a non meat-eater!), and then we carved our names and the date on the window sill, like hundreds of people had done before us.  After lunch, we headed to Graceland.  There, we took a tour of the building and the grounds, saw Elvis Presley’s grave, saw his numerous cars, and checked out his two private planes.  Maddy and I both enjoyed the day and getting to see so many cool things!  Shout out to my parents for the tour- thank you!!!



One thought on “Walkin’ in Memphis

  1. What an exciting trip you took to Memphis on Easter Sunday!! The pictures are great to see! So happy that you were able to see Memphis while you are in Little Rock!! Love and miss you bunches!!! XOXO

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