You Rocked, Little Rock

Alpine Six’s time absolutely flew by in Little Rock, Arkansas!  We had an amazing experience working with Wildwood Park for the Arts, and it was definitely bittersweet leaving.  While in Little Rock, the team visited the capitol building, historic Little Rock Central High School, beautiful Pinnacle Mountain State Park, and other areas.  Personally, I also got to see Memphis, TN and Hot Springs, AR, so this round was definitely full of lots of exploration and sightseeing.  Besides the leisure activities, we served with the Pulaski County Humane Society, the Women and Children First Shelter, the Arkansas Rice Depot, The Nature Conservancy, The City of Little Rock, ACCESS Schools, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the Little Rock Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, and Pinnacle Mountain State Park.  We all had so much fun and learned a lot working for Wildwood, and living in the back of a theatre on 105 acres of beautiful forest was a unique and wonderful experience.  The past twelve weeks have certainly proved that Arkansas is the most underrated state, as the Arkansans say.



3 thoughts on “You Rocked, Little Rock

  1. Haley…what an experience you are having!! The park looks beautiful…your team worked diligently to beautify it!!!! Loved the pictures! And…now off to your last spike for your AmeriCorps experience!! Enjoy the time you have in Texas. I’m sure you will have lots of rebuilding to do while you are there!!! Love ya…love ya…miss ya…miss ya…Can’t wait to see you when you return home in July! XOXO

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