Arizona Exploration

Last week, my family came to visit me here in Arizona. There were some issues with flights, so my dad was the only one to arrive on schedule. He and I went up to the Grand Canyon and Sedona last weekend. Both hikes were absolutely beautiful! It’s much easier to appreciate the beauty of the desert when a person is not stuck in the middle of the city. Once the rest of the family got to Arizona, we celebrated my mom’s birthday, and she cut my hair. This past weekend, we drove up to Lake Havasu City. There, we went for a hike in a canyon, along with doing some minor rock climbing. We also rented a jet ski to explore the lake more. It was so nice to have everyone here with me!! Thank you for coming to visit me at school!



6 thoughts on “Arizona Exploration

  1. Loved seeing your pictures. Hope your dad is doing better and you had an awesome time with your family. I am sure that they miss you! Love, Ms. Lup xo

    Lisa Lupacchino-Gilson
    K-12 Art Department Leader
    Electives Team Leader
    East Hampton High School


  2. Hi Sweetheart…what awesome pictures! The scenery is magnificent! Everyone said that they had a WONDERFUL time in Arizona…visiting with you and seeing Arizona! Can’t wait to see you in May!!!! Love you…xoxo


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